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Hotmitts Two-battery Mittens Hotmitts Two-battery Mittens Ref: ASK-HM-G

Price: 187.20 ($280.80) (Including VAT at 20%)

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Heated Mittens by Warmthru reach up to 70c, so hot we have to issue a temperature warning - each mitt has two heat elements, each element a dedicated battery.

Now you can play golf in the Winter.

Product Details


We are delighted to introduce Windproof, Waterproof GolfPro Hotmitts to golfers the world over - they are definitely the hottest product from Warmthru so far. Hottest in every sense of the word. We are so confident about this product that we offer a money back guarantee if you disagree that Hotmitts are the hottest gloves you've ever tried!

However, please be aware that Hotmitts DO get very hot indeed, the technology should be respected - for example on the 7.4V Heat Control Battery it is best NOT to use the top 100% heat option. Also it is unwise to fold Hotmitts, especially when switched on, or to leave them switched on and unattended.

How do they work?

They fit onto your golf bag while you are playing - wear them between shots. Stitched elasticated loops connect them to your bag. Easily lift them on and off.

With every Standard Package pair, you get 4 batteries: 2 x 3.7V, 2 x 7.4V (Heat Control), one pair of Hotmitts GolfPro Mittens and 2 battery chargers.

In the Deluxe Version you get a spare set of batteries and chargers, handy if you are playing a long game and you need to replace batteries before the eighteenth.

* Windproof and Waterproof.
* Double the heat of comparable gloves due to 2 batteries per mitten.
* Concealed pockets neatly hide batteries away.
* Waterproof zips guard concealed battery pockets.
* Comfortable padding retains heat.
* Delivery locally, nationally and internationally.
* 2 x 3.7v batteries with on/off, 2 x 7.4V Heat Control batteries, 2 x chargers.

P+P: Choice of Recorded Delivery or Special (Next Day) Delivery before 1.00pm if order placed before 11.30am (UK only) (Non-uk destinations may require an additional delivery charge - we will contact you post-purchase to let you know or you can contact us first for details).

Testimonial from Scotty

Even though it became a little milder in Germany around our area, I can already tell, that the Hotmitts are capable of warming my damaged hand sufficiently.

Not even an Arctic downfilled mitt was so far capable of achieving that. Just the thumb on both sides does not reach the heat of the main glove compartment. This can easily be solved, by withdrawing the thumbs temporarily into the main compartment.

The heating time of the accus is up to six hours which I´m quite satisfied with. All around a bgp (bloody good product) which will undergo some more testing in daily use now cycling to work.

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