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Skiiers, Snowboarders, Hill-Walkers, Mountaineers, Motorcyclists, Cyclists, Golfers, Football and Rugby Fans, Fishermen, Photographers, Frozen Food Factory Workers, Oil-rig Platform Workers, Fork-Lift Truck Drivers, Yachtsmen, Yachtswomen, Raynauds syndrome sufferers and victims of other blood circulation issues, Sports Injury Victims, Explorers, Hang-Glider Pilots, Paragliding about you?

Most of the products on this site are designed and manufactured, or supplied by Warmthru Ltd, Edinburgh, UK.
Battery Heated GlovelinersBattery Heated Gloveliners

Gloveliners are perfect because you can wear them under different types of gloves. For example you may use them for Biking under your motorcycle gloves, then for horse riding under your horseriding gloves. Gloveliners cover a lot of ground. Alternatively if you are a dedicated Biker, and that is the only time you are likely to have a requirement, then perhaps our G4 Fingerheater Gloves are a better choice (see further below). We have four types of gloveliner. each type with its own capabilities, advantages and disadvantages. Choose which type best suits your needs.
Heat Devil - Battery Heated VestHeat Devil - Battery Heated Vest

The Heat Devil delivers a fantastic amount of heat. It manages to do so using four heat elements, each of which is entirely independent of the others with it's own dedicated 3.7V or 7.4V battery. Choose how many elements you need, you have two at the front and two at the back, each element concealed in a kangaroo-style pocket. What's more, the 7.4V version offers you Intelligent batteries, with self-contained heat controls, meaning you can micro-manage the heat you need between which elements you use and how much heat you select with each battery. The Heat Devil is machine-washable, just remember to remove the elements and batteries beforehand. It's washable because it's modular, and being modular has another big advantage in that if a bit gets lost or needs replaced it can easily be done without replacing the entire product.
Fingerheater GlovesFingerheater Gloves

G4 Fingerheater Gloves (Fourth Generation) are designed around the needs of the motorcyclist, but are great for other activities too. They are built to withstand some pretty harsh conditions; they're windproof, waterproof, with rubberised protection on the palm and impact protection on the fingers and knuckles. So although the gloves are designed with bikers in mind, as a skiier you won't care, you'll just appreciate the 50c heat and the fact that you have some protection if you are heading towards a tree! Additionally, they have a visor wipe on the thumb (we are putting it on the first finger for G5s) and are flared at the hand entry to reach over a jacket sleeve. There's a tightener at the wrist and hand entry. Powered by two 3.7V Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries per glove, G4 Fingerheater Gloves offer great heat (40-50c) over a time period of around 4 hours in continuous use. Batteries charge in around 6 hours and last for an estimated 500 charges.
Hotmitts Battery Heated MittensHotmitts Battery Heated Mittens

Hotmitts are great for skiing, hillwalking, anywhere there are freezing temperatures and you are not using your hands too much. In fact it is WHEN you are not using your hands a lot that the cold can really begin to affect you. These Mitts can reach around 50c.
Battery Heated SocksBattery Heated Socks

Heated Socks keep your feet toasty warm by supplying heat directly to your toes which are the furthest point from your heart. It's the extremeties that are hit first, and the worst, in freezing conditions. Heated Socks mitigate some of the worst effects by heating toes directly and supplying ambient heat to the entire foot. You have a choice of 3.7V or 7.4V batteries; the heat in both is similar, but with the 7.4V you have the ability to regulate the temperature using the battery heat-control .
Pain Relief - Hot & Cold TherapyPain Relief - Hot & Cold Therapy

Hugs is the name we give to these products. Check out the picture and you can see why. There are two types: 1/ Mains only, and 2/ Battery Mains. Each has its own distinct advantage. With Mains Only Hugs you also get a cold-gel pack which you keep in the freezer and use when you need to - often a chiropractor will advise you to use Cold treatment as opposed to Hot, perhaps where blood supply is concerned, and on a different day a Physiotherapist will recommend Heat. So you get both options with Mains only Hugs. With Mains battery Hugs you get PORTABILITY, because of the battery option, so you can walk around strapped up with your tight fitting heat therapy working away - you can even drive at the same time. don't get a gel pack for Cold Treatment. You pays your money....

With both Hugs you get a Heat control device to regulate the heat when using the Mains. With the Mains only Hug, if you want to use the Cold Treatment you simply remove the heat element from your Hug and replace it with the frozen cold-gel.
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